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Digi-Wave Dock DWD 102

Williams Sound

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Simultaneous, two-way, wireless intercom system works well in an event-production scenario – allowing producers/directors to communicate immediately and accurately in full-duplex mode with crew members in different house locations.  The director and assistant director can speak simultaneously, while crew members can hear both the director and assistant director. Crew members can participate as listen-only or can access two-way mode with the quick push of a button. The director has priority and controls the discussion. This system in the 2.4 GHz band offers a patented, frequency-hopping technology for low-noise, crystal-clear audio and less interference from other products.  The dual-muff headset microphones are ideal for use in high-noise environments.

System Includes

(8) DLT 300 transceivers*
(8) MIC 058 headset microphones
(1) CCS 042 DW heavy-duty system carry case
(1) CCS 044 GR grey silicone skin
(7) CCS 044 BK black silicone skins
(1) DWD 102 Digi-Wave Dock

*Each DLT 300 is packaged with an individual charger.

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40 in stock

Digi-Wave Dock DWD 102

Weight 1.4 lbs

Williams Sound

DWD 102


8.88″ x 4.34″ x 2.16″  (226 mm x 110 mm x 55 mm)  L x W x H

Shipping Weight:

1.4 lbs (0.64 kg)


Black, heavy duty plastic molded top, with metal base and non-skid rubber feet.  White legends on back.

DC Power Input:

2.5mm ID barrel connector, 24VDC input, 750mA, Center Positive.

Power Supply:

Williams Sound TFP 048.

Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 18W.

Output: 24VDC, 750mA.

Charging Time:

DLT 100 2.0: 5 hours nominal (internal Lithium Polymer Battery)

DLR 60 2.0: 5 hours nominal, based on Williams Sound NiMH battery BAT 022-2.

Unit Capacity:

2 Units:  DLT 100 2.0, DLR 60 2.0, or DLR 60.  DLT 100 units will charge only (no audio).


Green LED indicating power at the charger/dock.  Charging status is shown on unit being charged.

Rear Inputs:

One set of L/R RCAs and one female XLR per bay.

Rear Outputs:

One set of L/R RCAs and one male XLR per bay.

Dock Connector:

One 30-pin connector per bay.  Supports power/charging, audio in, audio out, and control signals.


One 2-position switch per bay, for “manual” or “auto” mode.


2 Years


FCC, CE, C√, Industry Canada, RoHS2, CB scheme, Energy Star V

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