Hearing HotSpot™ Server with 16 analog inputs

Williams Sound

The next-generation Hearing HotSpot™ system features everything you need to stream multiple channels of audio in real time over an enterprise Wi-Fi network.   Once a system is installed in a venue, the software license is activated by Williams Sound based on the number of channels (up to 32 per server box, either Analog or Dante™) at that venue.  Venue controlled advertising/messages, made available through simple web portal and system updates, are delivered to the venue without on-site visits.

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System Includes

    • Hearing HotSpot™ Server unit
    • External Power Supply (TFP 051)
    • (4) HHS CH8  8-channel analog input modules (installed)
    • Proprietary Hearing Hotspot® software
    • Content management through Venue Portal

$4,859.00 $5,399.00

Hearing HotSpot Server with 9-16 channels (16 mono/8 stereo). Contact factory for quote if additional hardware is needed.

The unit shall have the ability to broadcast audio over ethernet to a WLAN access point.  Mobile devices will be able to receive the audio with a proprietary app.  The app shall be free (no charge) for users to download and use.
It shall be offered in two models – one with analog audio input capability and the other with Dante™ virtual sound card capability.
It shall have four internal card slots, each able to accept one 8-channel mono/4-channel stereo analog input card, making it expandable up to 32 mono/16 stereo channels.
One model shall have the ability to live stream up to 32 mono/16 stereo analog channels.  Another model shall have the ability to live stream up to 32 Dante™ channels.
It shall have a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack.
It shall have an external universal power supply for use in multiple countries with the appropriate line cord.
It shall use no more than 8 kBps ethernet (wired), and 12 kBps Wi-Fi, of bandwidth per mono channel, for audio packets.
The unit shall provide extremely low audio latency, on the order of µs.  The server shall allow for packet buffer adjustment (60 ms typical).  Optimum latency experienced by mobile devices shall be 100 ms or less, depending on mobile device.
The unit shall support 48, 44.1 kHz sampling rates at 24-bit resolution.
It shall have a front user control interface consisting of an LCD screen and Left, Right, Up, Down, and Select buttons.
It shall have the ability to push advertising and other content to mobile devices through an online provider/management website.  Content includes:  customer-supplied background, customer-supplied banners that hyperlink to websites, coupons based on user-defined conditions, ticker (scrolling text), and pdf’s (such as a restaurant menu, venue schedule, etc).
 The venue management portal will have the capability to name channels for display on mobile device.  The venue management portal shall have the capability of pushing remote updates to the unit.
The unit configured with   8 analog audio inputs shall be Williams Sound model HHS 108.
The unit configured with 16 analog audio inputs shall be Williams Sound model HHS 116.
The unit configured with 24 analog audio inputs shall be Williams Sound model HHS 124.
The unit configured with 32 analog audio inputs shall be Williams Sound model HHS 132.
The unit configured with 32-input Dante™ virtual sound card capability shall be Williams Sound model HHS 132 D.
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